The rat meat was planned to be shipped for various points in several states, and then sold at the market as chicken. 300,000 lbs. of counterfeit rat meat still around the USA .FDA inspector, claims that this meat is not that dangerous when it is cooked .

Allen James,one of the FBI coordinators,says that criminal organizations make illegal money,make profit by selling  opossum meat

The thing is that consumers cannot really make a difference between legal meat and such ‘delicacies.’ Jenny Brookside,the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) spokesman,  says that it’s too late already has been sold on the market.The only way to notice any difference between rat meat and chicken  is to determine if there is ‘different’ taste than usual,  then hat meat might be counterfeit meat.

36 million of illegally imported meat is sold in the United States in 2014.

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