Some people may believe that organic fruits and veggies don’t need to be cleaned thoroughly like conventionally grown produce because they are not covered with pesticides. But still, it is very important to always clean and inspect all fruits and vegetables since there is a big chance that other things may be found on their surface.

Although organic veggies and fruit are not cultivated with pesticides or chemicals, they can be grown with the help of natural soil enhancers and fertilizers like worm castings, manure, and bone meal.

Remove Bacteria from your Fruits and Veggies by Adding a teaspoon of this.

Baking soda (or Sodium bicarbonate) is a natural element that is found dissolved in many mineral springs. It is cheap and can be found in most pantries. This chemical compound is a biopesticide which prevents the growth of certain bacteria, viruses, and fungi. Therefore, we strongly recommend you to make a natural scrub by adding a few teaspoons of baking soda to water. This easy-to-make mixture is a great way to remove bacteria from your fruits and vegetables.


Just stir a few teaspoons (2-4) of baking soda into a cup or two of water (depending on how many tsps. you will add). Then pour the mixture into a spray bottle (or into a mixing bowl if you want), and sprinkle it all over the fruits or veggies. Use a scrub brush to clean the bacteria and then rinse any baking soda residue with water.

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