We live in era when people are easily getting addicted to social media. We use the social media to communicate with others and to meet new people. But if you let your kid to have profile on social media then you should be really careful with it and to pay attention if your kid is ‘chatting’ with a stranger. Today parents are not really aware of what can happen to their children because of the social media.


One example of what can happen to your kid is in the video below. Fake female profiles were made to lure unsuspecting teenage boys to meet up with those ‘imagined’ girls. And you should not worry about those boys because this video is a setup in order to teach the kids of the dangers that social media can bring if they are chatting with someone that is unknown to them and especially if they decide to meet those people in real life. It can have a tragic end.

Every parent should see this video and show it to their children because this video can save someone’s life.


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