The latest case it happened in Australia when a child played with a toy that he got from his parents, and as a result of that he has lost 75% of his vision! All parents need to read this and be careful what are giving to their children.

Surely you and your child have played with this toy, at least once … it is very popular among the youth, and the elderly!

This is a laser pointer, a toy that kids love, because it throws a red beam of light at a great distance. The worst thing is that the boy was playing with it in the sight of his parents, who are consciously participate in his visual impairment.

Day after day, his eyesight was getting worse. Six year old boy had to be taken to the ophthalmologist, where he did examination on boy’s eyes and discovered that he had burned his retinas and permanently damaged the backs of his eyes. The area of the eye that was affected is where detailed central vision occurs, and as a result, the extent of the damage to his eyesight was magnified. The boy has not suffered any pain, but in the end, had only 25% vision.

His injuries can be eliminated by surgery alone, no glasses nor contact lenses will help!

In many countries, these lasers are quite normal in toy stores, but it should be noted that in many of them sell lasers with significantly lower power. This guy had no luck, because his parents bought an extremely strong laser.

The Optometrists and health officials in Australia are warning all parents around the world about the potential side effects of using laser pointers as toys. This is a warning to all parents – laser pointers are not toys! They can be dangerous.

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