Lumbago is a common health problem for many people, with reports saying that as much as 80% of the population experiences pain in the lower lumbar spine during their lifetime.

What does it mean?

The spine is a complex structure consisting of movable vertebrae. Between them, there are gristle circles that allow the spine to move which are connected to different muscles, nerves, blood vessels and ligaments that support the pillar of the body. The vertebrae sit in a tube – a protective canal through which the spinal cord passes. The spine is constantly subjected to heavy loads which results in a lot of wear and tear.

Not all of the spine parts are flexible – the chest vertebrae for example, are not as mobile as the cervical ones. Back pain is often experienced in the breaststroke of the lumbar part and in the lumbar dorsal-crossing, among movable back lumbar and low rolling vertebra.

Risk group

People with a physically demanding job are more exposed to the risk of back pain. People with spine injuries and abnormalities are also at an increased risk.

Treatment and prevention

The gavez plant grows in fields near water, and an ointment from the plant can quickly cure the back pain you’ve been suffering from. A study performed on 120 patients with lower and upper back pain has shown that treatment with the ointment for 5 days (3 times daily) can decrease the pain by 39%. The plant acted quickly, reducing the pain about an hour after application.

The research was done by scientists at the German Sport University in Bonn and the results were published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. The gavez root extract is a powerful natural remedy against back pain, and it was proven to also reduce pain in the joints caused by osteoarthritis. However, the extract must be taken in the form of pills or supplements because the plant is highly toxic in its raw form.

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