More than one study until now has proved the effects of cell phone usage on human health. You are probably aware that your health may be at risk if you are exposed to the radiation of cell phones on a daily basis.

Cell phones use hazardous non-ionizing type of electromagnetic radiation which is absorbed by human cells and tissues so that they could work properly. This exposure can lead to some severe health problems.

A study was conducted by the researchers from the reputable Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel and it was later published in the Biochemical Journal. This study has confirmed that even a ten-minute cell phone exposure can lead to brain cell changes that are related to cell division and even cancer.


Dr. John Bucher, one of the directors of the National Institute of Health (National toxicology program) claims that there are strong indications that only a 10-year exposure to the radiation of cell phones can lead to brain cancer.

Even more dangerous is the fact that children are more prone to the effects of cell phone radiation because their brain is still developing and as we are all aware the number of children using cell phones on a daily basis is growing every year.

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