Several functions in the body depend on the liver. This is responsible for storing vitamins, minerals, and nutrients, aids in the digestion process and keeps the body clean of waste and toxins. If toxins are not properly expelled from the body, they can create the perfect home for cancer cells. In the process of digestion.

It is vital that your liver is in good condition, because if it works slowly, it stores the toxins in the body and in the fatty tissues of the body, causing many diseases.


These are the symptoms that may indicate that your liver is not working as it should:

-Bad digestion
-Chronic Fatigue
-Chronic muscle and joint pain
-Weight gain
-Abdominal distension and pain
-Constipation or gas
-Hormonal imbalance

How to improve liver function

-Caring for food, trying to eat many fibers and fruits
-Constantly drink water
-Avoid consuming processed foods
-Carry a diet of organic foods, grains, vegetables, healthy fats, proteins, seeds and nuts
-Eliminate sugar from your diet
-Consume only 20g of fructose per day
-Consume green leafy vegetables, which have large amounts of folic acid, magnesium, -vitamin C and vitamin B
-Eliminate or moderate alcohol consumption

KEY FEATURES for a healthy liver:

-Alcachofa: It is ideal for both the liver and gallbladder for food. It has a choleretic action that increases biliary secretion and can be very useful in cases of jaundice. It helps to improve digestion, to burn fats easier, helps to decongest, is effective against constipation, since bile allows to activate the intestinal movements, reason why it favors the elimination of fecal matter. They even stimulate the regeneration of their cells when they are exposed to various toxins.

–Curcuma: Its anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties provide great protection toliver.

-The Thistle: It’s medicinal herb that has great anti-inflammatory, antiviral, which protect the liver from damage by alcohol, toxins or viruses. They can be obtained at health food stores.

Remedy of artichoke, turmeric and thistle mariano

Mix all the ingredients and make an infusion. You should drink it fast every morning and before going to bed every night for a week.

These foods help protect the liver from the high levels of free radicals that are naturally produced during the detoxification process. So do not hesitate to include them in your diet.

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