This is one of the best skin whitening secret, this tip is very effective to lighten your dark skin. This skin whitening remedy will also remove your wrinkles, dark spots and unhealthy skin. The scrub will make your skin glowing and fairer, and the mask will make it more smooth, soft, baby skin and bright.

Step 1: Scrub

Ingredients required :

2 tablespoons honey
3 tablespoons orange juice
1 tablespoon sugar
Directions :

Take a clean bowl
Now Mix all the ingredients
apply one layer on the complete tanned area with your fingers
massage gently for about 10 minutes
Clean with a cotton wipe
Wash it off with cold water
Step 2: Mask

Ingredients required :

3 tablespoons rice powder
4 tablespoons white butter
2 tablespoons orange juice
2 pinches of Baking Soda
Directions :

Mix all the ingredients well
Apply a thick layer of this mask on the tanned area
Leave it on for 20 minutes
Now massage it for 5 minutes
Wash it off with luke warm water
Use it regularly for best results

You can watch the same instructions in the video below :

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